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Adapting the live entertainment industry to the principles of sustainable growth is challenging but not impossible. Many professionals and artists tend towards a more sustainable approach, trying to turn their field into a less polluting industry.

OXI is mindful of the environmental situation and we wish to stand up for a CSR approach through all our activities in order to develop offers in line with all current ecological standards. Whether through the external management of our services – with trusted contractors and sustainable materials – or internally within the company and our teams. At OXI we do our very best to consider the future of performing arts in an ecological and sustainable manner.

A radical transformation is necessary to transform all customs and especially not to remain neutral faced with the disturbing environmental aggravation. At OXI we try our best to do our part and we joined the organization Arviva which commits to improve live entertainment sustainability.

Artistic Values

The artistic world and the growth of artistic careers are the driving forces behind OXI’s business. Each VIP experience is created and developed with the artists and their entourage in order to meet a shared desire to increase proximity with the public.

The earnings collected from the sale of the VIP packages are shared equitably between the artist, the show producers and OXI. All the services included in the VIP packages are offered in agreement with the artists.

Taking care of the human and artistic paths behind all the entertainment is a big part of our commitment to a sustainable approach.

Eco-friendly values

Manufacturing origins

All products are manufactured in France or Europe.

In the rare cases of manufacturing in Asia, the production line is supervised and controlled to ensure a good management of both the employees and the materials used.


Each product must have a strong meaning and a long-term usefulness in order to guarantee them a certain longevity.

These products are developed in relation to the artists’ universe as well as taking into account the current consumers habits.

Food products

All the foods products offered are organic and/or locally made.

The offer varies depending on the time of year and the region concerned.

Sustainable materials

The materials used to manufacture our objects are sustainable and eco-friendly.

All objects requiring plastic, are crafted from alternative or recycled materials or replaced by sustainable materials such as wood or glass.

Waste reduction

The materials used – on events and on a daily basis – are selected to guarantee the reduction of waste.

Thus, recycled materials are prioritized and plastic is banned whenever possible. Some items, such as dishes or furnitures, are washable and reusable.

Human values


The well-being of employees is essential : respect and humanity are our core values.

Integration and support are the key words of our recruitments. At OXI
we always opt for assisted contracts in our HR operation.

Our employees have a central role and take an active part in the growth of the company.

Customer service

We guarantee an optimal customer experience to answer all your questions and all your needs within 72 hours.

We also commit to providing you with all the information related to the events no later than 7 days in advance.


OXI is open about the use of personal data and is committed to complying with specific GDPR legislation.

A data register has been written to guarantee an honest and adapted treatment of those data.