1. Transaction

1.1 – Except if this is explicitly indicated when booking, any order placed on the site www.oxi-experience.com is final.
If your order includes a concert ticket or other items, these will be sent to you according to the terms established by OXI below.

Your order is not definitively confirmed and only binds OXI upon receipt of the e-mail confirming that the order has been validated. Accordingly, we invite you to check your email.

OXI is not responsible for the loss, theft or destruction of a ticket.

1.2 – The fact of validating your order implies the obligation for you to pay the indicated price, to be made directly on the site by credit card.
Payment by credit card allows you to reserve your tickets in line and immediately firmly. The cards accepted for payment of an order at the ticket office for shows are cards from the Carte Bleue / Visa and Eurocard / Mastercard / American Express networks.


2.1 – In accordance with article L 221-28 of the Consumer Code, the solutions offered by OXI are not subject to a right of withdrawal. All orders are firm and final.

No duplicate may be issued, including in the event of loss or theft.
During the control at the entrance to the venue of the event, a valid identity document with photo may be requested and must match the name indicated when ordering.

2.2 – An order cannot be refunded even in the event of loss or theft, neither return nor exchanged except in the event of cancellation or postponement of a show. In the event of cancellation of the show, the full amount of the order will be refunded. This reimbursement will only be made in favor of the original purchaser against delivery of the ticket.

No refund will be made and no complaint will be accepted in the event of a no-show on the day of the event, this being the responsibility of the customer.

2.3 – An order is transferable up to ten days before the performance.
Any assignment of an order, and therefore modification thereof, incurs additional costs of € 10.00 (ten euros). To modify an order, please send us the information concerning the new person (last name, first name, e-mail, telephone) to the address contact@oxi-experience.com.


When announcing the cancellation of a date for which you have reserved seats, you agree that OXI, as far as possible, when it has itself been notified by the organizer, may use the contact details you entered when booking to keep you informed of the procedure.

In the event of cancellation of the show, the order is refundable up to the deadline set by the organizer.

If you have not yet received your tickets, the refund will be automatic and the amount of the order will be credited in full to the credit card used for payment.

Have you already received your tickets?
Return your tickets and the invoice corresponding to the amount of the order to the following address: contact@oxi-experience.com
The refund will be made once these elements received by our services.


Upon notification of a change in the date, time or location of an event for which you have reserved seats, you agree that OXI, as far as possible, when it has itself been notified by the organizer, can use the contact details you entered when booking to keep you informed of the procedure.

Each holder of a package is notified of the postponement procedures by e-mail and SMS. If you have not received this e-mail, we invite you to check the spam emails in your mailbox. If it still does not appear, please contact our customer service at contact@oxi-experience.com.

We will inform you of the validity of your tickets for the new postponement date.
If the tickets are not valid for the postponement date, you will be refunded as described above.
If the tickets are valid for the postponed date but you do not wish to go there, the full amount of the order may be refunded before the deadline set by the organizer and according to the terms described above.


Each Ticket is personal and can only be resold in accordance with the law of 12 March 2012 no.2012-348 on the Organization of sporting and cultural events, which prohibits, under penalty of criminal penalties, the sale of the usual way of Tickets for cultural or sporting events, without the express authorization of the Organizer or the owner of the exploitation rights.

An order may not be resold at a price higher than that shown on the front of said ticket.
In order to fight against the illicit resale of show tickets, the PRODISS (National Syndicate of Musical and Variety Show) has launched the #FanPasGogo awareness campaign. Find all the information on www.fanpasgogo.fr

OXI can in no way be held responsible in the event of a dispute following the illegal resale of an order.


6.1 – Tickets for access to the concert will be sent by email to the address indicated at the time of booking.

Depending on the configuration of the room and the event, you may be offered the following seats:
• numbered seats
• seats belonging to several categories, each corresponding to different areas of the room, which may or may not be numbered
• free seats throughout the room

The location on the map indicated at the time of purchase is indicated as representative as possible. However, OXI cannot guarantee the exact placement until it is communicated to you by email.

6.2 – It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit a ticket in any way. Reproduction of tickets is prohibited and does not provide any advantage.

The organizer may refuse access to the venue where the event takes place if it becomes aware that several prints or reproductions of a printable Ticket are in circulation and that access to the venue of the event has already been granted to the wearer of a print or reproduction. Only the first person presenting the ticket or a reproduction of it will be allowed to access the place where the event will take place. This person is presumed to be the legitimate holder of the ticket.

In this case, if the person holding a ticket that can be printed at home is refused access to the place where the event takes place, they will not be entitled to any refund of the price paid.

The person who reproduced the ticket and the user of the copy of the ticket are liable to criminal prosecution.

6.3 – OXI declines all responsibility: for anomalies that may arise during the ordering, processing or printing of the printable ticket at home to the extent that it has not caused them intentionally or as a result of negligence in the event of loss, theft or illicit use of the printable ticket at home. No duplicate or certificate, ticket remission of any kind whatsoever will be given to the customer, other than the only initial ticket that can be printed by the customer.


7.1 – The prices of tickets for shows are indicated in Euro inclusive of all taxes, including rental costs. Show tickets remain the property of the event organizer until the full and final receipt of the price by OXI.

The Ticket is only valid for the event to which it relates, on the date, time and under the conditions appearing on the Ticket. This title must be kept until the end of the event.

For certain shows, at the request of the organizers, you will receive vouchers instead of tickets: in this case, tickets must be collected, in exchange for vouchers, at the entrance to the room, 30 minutes before the start of the show.

7.2 – The price paid by the spectator cannot be modified without the agreement of the show organizer. The total number of places in cumulative reservations per person cannot be greater than the number of places defined by the organizer, all categories combined, and failing that by OXI. Unless otherwise indicated, the total number of places in cumulative reservations per person cannot be greater than 20 for the same show.

It is forbidden for multiple buyers to make, via automated or non-automatic reservation means, simultaneously or through purchases spaced out in time, several reservations with the same bank card.
It is also prohibited that a single buyer makes several reservations with different bank cards.
In the event of non-compliance with these rules, OXI reserves the right to cancel the order (s).


Proof of payment and order confirmation are sent to the email address you provide during the ordering process.

Information relating to the event (practical information, ticket to access the concert, time and place of meeting, etc.) are communicated to the e-mail address indicated at the time of the order and no later than seven days before the performance.

If you have not received this information within the time period indicated, we invite you to check the spam emails in your mailbox.
If they do not appear there, you can contact our customer service at ‘address contact@oxi-experience.com. We will get back to you within 72 hours.


Depending on the halls and the shows, tickets for people with reduced mobility or disabilities are sold by the hall or by the event organizer. When the information is known to us, we indicate the contact on the page dedicated to the event.

If you need a suitable device to attend the concert, we invite you to contact our customer service at contact@oxi-experience.com so that we can offer you the best solution. / p>


11.1 – OXI has entrusted its payment system to BilletWeb, a non-exclusive agent in banking operations and payment services with ORIAS under registration 18000507. Billetweb has obtained certification of compliance with the legislation on CONTROLTICK® ticket office on 12/7/2017.
We guarantee the total confidentiality of your banking information, secured by the SSL protocol, which systematically checks the validity of access rights when paying by bank card and crypt all exchanges in order to guarantee confidentiality.

11.2 – The personal data you provide allows us to complete your transaction. They also allow OXI to send you your tickets as well as all the information relating to the event, and possibly to contact you, as far as possible, in the event of cancellation or modification of date, time or place. of a show for which you have reserved seats.

In accordance with the regulations in force (general data protection regulation n ° 2016/679 and law of January 10, 1978 relating to data, files and freedoms modified), you have the rights to ‘access, rectification, opposition or deletion of the data concerning you. For more details on your rights and how to exercise them, see “Your Choices and Rights” in our Privacy Policy.

OXI does not do telephone canvassing and only keeps your number for practical purposes for the proper execution of your order. However, you have the right to register on the list of opposition to canvassing.

We believe it is important that you know what personal information we collect about you and how we use it. We invite you to consult our Privacy Policy.

12. COVID-19

Access to the show for which you hold a ticket may be subject to compliance with a health protocol defined by the government, and in particular to checking your “health pass”. The organizer will make its best efforts to inform you of the eligibility of his event for this device in the description of the event, and / or by any means written upstream of the latter.

It is your responsibility to consult, at the time of your purchase and before going to the event, the government site in order to become acquainted with the conditions and requirements of the device and their possible updates, and to ensure the compliance of the supporting documents that you will have to produce during access control. On the day of publication of these general conditions, they are available here: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus/pass-sanitaire
They may change depending on the health situation, and be completed through other official information that you will need to consult.

Is required to date under the responsibility of the company in charge of access control when the event is eligible, the control of a QR code, on paper or digital format, resulting in:
• a RT-PCR screening examination or antigen test lasting no longer than 72 hours
• proof of vaccination status attesting to a complete vaccination schedule
• a certificate of recovery following contamination by covid-19.

Control officers are not authorized to consult information other than that appearing on the TousAntiCovid application after having scanned a QR code, nor to keep it.

For more information on the processing of your personal data following the use of Tous Anti Covid, we invite you to refer to the legal notices available in the application. You can contact the Ministry of Health by email: tousanticovid-rgpd@sante.gouv.fr and you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL.


13.1 – Tickets will be checked using barcode readers by the event organizer, under his responsibility, when entering the said event. The place code allows the identification of the buyer and access to the detail of his order.
Each place code can only be presented once at the checkpoint.

13.2 – The organizer reserves the right to check the identity of the customer at the entrance to the place where the event takes place. The customer must therefore be provided with an official, valid and photo ID: identity card, passport, driver’s license or residence permit.

13.3 – At the discretion of the organizer, the latter may decide to subject ticket holders to security checks (bag control, detectors, etc.). OXI may not in any way intervene in disputes that may arise on this occasion.


14.1 – Events take place under the sole responsibility of the organizer. OXI cannot, under any circumstances, be held responsible.

The OXI company is responsible, with regard to its customers, for the proper performance of its obligations resulting from contracts concluded at a distance, in accordance with article L.221-15 of the Consumer Code. In particular, it is responsible for the processing of personal data that it carries out, transactions and order management operations, after-sales service and ticket issuance.

OXI declines all responsibility in the event of unavailability of the service resulting from a case of force majeure, in particular:
• Any anomalies in the customer’s computer equipment
• Unpredictable and insurmountable acts of a third party to the contract
• Unavailability of the internet network

14.2 – OXI is not responsible in the event of loss, theft or illicit use of the ticket, and in particular in the event of an incident which occurs during the delivery of the tickets when delivery by courier is chosen by the customer. / p> In addition, it is specified that OXI is under no circumstances bound to respond to the request to issue a duplicate in the event of loss or theft of the ticket.

14.3 – OXI is not responsible for the running of the event (modification of the content, change of artistic or sporting distribution, change of schedules …) or, if applicable, its cancellation.

OXI is not responsible for the refusal of reimbursement decided by the organizers, the latter not having the free disposal of funds.

Likewise, OXI declines any responsibility for the damage suffered, by any cause whatsoever, by the effects, objects, or material brought by the spectators which fall, if necessary, under the responsibility of the organizer of the event.

14.4 – Each organizer sets the rules specific to the organization of the event.
These rules appear on the organizer’s website or at the entrance to the place where the event takes place. The acquisition of a ticket implies acceptance of the internal regulations of the place of the event. The customer will strictly comply with the organizer’s regulations under penalty of being held liable.


You declare that you have read and accepted these general conditions of sale before placing your order. The validation of your order therefore implies acceptance of these general conditions of sale.


For any information or question, our customer service is at your disposal by email at the email address contact@oxi-experience.com, every day from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. We are committed to answering your questions within 72 hours.


The sales of services referred to herein are subject to French law. The language of this contract is French. In the event of a dispute, the French courts have sole jurisdiction.

For any complaint you can contact customer service at the coordinates mentioned in article 16 of these conditions.