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In a context of global health crisis recovery, the patterns of the music industry are constantly evolving. OXI is working as an innovative player aiming to change the concert experience and to push further the connection between the artists and their audience.

OXI was created by Lucie Sabatier, active in the live entertainment field for 10 years. Our goal is to place the artists and their fans at the very heart of their activity. We like to work side by side with concert producers to provide an optimal offer affordable to all.

OXI wishes to enhance the image of VIP experience in France by offering the public an immersive experience in the artist’s universe. We’re creating memories that go beyond the stage performance.

Beyond a concert, an experience.


Studies carried out in April 2021 with a representative sample of the population showed that nearly 80% of the concert audience is interested in purchasing VIP packages as they offer some attractive content for an affordable price*. The desire to get closer to the artists and to discover their universe in a privileged setting is praised by the public.

The relationship between artists and their fans is constantly evolving, especially through social media. The fans’ desire to make this relationship more tangible is increasing. The fan experience is at the heart of most artistic careers, mainly in the context of live performances. These precious moments represent the highest point of the connection between the artists and their audience.

*Study conducted by Marketing Studio among a sample of 1,000 individuals over 15 years old, living in France and going to concerts at least once a year.

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With the advent of streaming, artists’ incomes became our main concern. Nowadays more than they ever did, live performances hold a key role in artists’ careers and play a crucial part in their growth.

At OXI we wish to step forward as a special partner for producers. Our goal is to expand the relationship between the artists and their public, thus creating a new source of income for them.

The fan experience is essential and the VIP offers will meet their expectations. They’ll be adapted to the artists’ universe as well, since our purpose is to remain true to their identity.



OXI takes care of all the marketing of the event, from creating the content to launching the distribution. The VIP packages are sold exclusively on our website which allows us to guarantee a daily monitoring and to adjust the offer at best according to sales numbers.

In the meantime, OXI is committed to communicating about each VIP package on sale through our social media and to the artist’s public.

Logistics tracking

OXI manages the entire operation, from looking for contractors to on-site supervision on the day of the event.

Thanks to all partners and providers selected for their expertise and their values, OXI ensures qualitative and innovative services at a fair price.

Customer service

We commit to support our clients from the purchase of their VIP package to D-day. Indeed, we offer a responsive and efficient customer care and we are committed to communicating all information related to each event no later than 7 days in advance.

Reactivity and availability are at the center of OXI’s customer service.

Types of VIP services

The type of VIP packages offered may vary and is custom-made depending on the artist or event concerned :

  • Meet & Greet / Backstage visits / Q&A sessions
  • Early Entry / Best seats / Access to soundcheck
  • Baskets of gifts / Cocktail dinner
  • … and many other unusual experiences !


Want to deepen the fan experience?
Do not hesitate to contact us for any information.